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RescueLogic Software by Cadgraphics

RescueLogic puts YOU in control of your fire and security­ systems. RescueLogic is “safety made simple.”

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The inspiration behind RescueLogic

Our company’s founder, Dan Horon, was a young fire protection engineer when he decided to use AutoCAD to show fire alarms on a floor plan.

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Get a bird's-eye view of your fire and security system

With RescueLogic software, you can see data from every alarm and device on your site, in a single, streamlined interface.

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RescueLogic speaks your language

In an emergency, you need to communicate clearly with your safety and security team. If they speak Spanish, your RescueLogic system should, too.

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Do you have questions? We have answers.

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A 9,000-Pound Alarm: The Hartford Fire Bell

Visitors to the Connecticut Historical Society might notice a massive bronze bell resting quietly outside at the corner of the Asylum Street parking lot. This behemoth weighs more than four tons, and once played a very loud role in […]

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False alarm can be costly to the community

By Jane Beckerdite, TXK Today 

A false alarm, whether it be for a police or fire emergency, is always better than the real thing. But when false alarms are recurrent, they can become a strain on the resources of the community.

TXK Today spoke to […]

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Born to serve:Teen firefighters share passion for volunteering

BY BEN PONTZ, 16 Freestyle Staff

For most of us, hearing a fire alarm at 1 in the morning would be a minor disturbance; we would simply roll over and go back to sleep.
However, for 16-year-old Lampeter-Strasburg student Sam […]

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