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After years of study, debate, and development, the National Fire Protection Association has established parameters for Ethernet connections. In the process, they’ve brought fire-alarm technology into a brave new world.

Now you can make the most of today’s fire and security technology. When you follow the new Ethernet connection guidelines, you can:

  • Safely use standard networks to connect fire alarm devices to control units.
  • Use technology more commonly familiar to a broad range of designers, installers, and end users.
  • Integrate data collection
  • Obtain a special fire protection UL Listing for equipment already on the market.

This expert resource guide was written by Dan Horon, a member of the Technical Correlating Committee Task Group on Networks and co-author of the new networking section in the NFPA 72 handbook.

Paperback; 28 pages, 6 x 9. Click here for a free PDF and click here to get a printed copy from Amazon.

Class N Webinar: Class N and Interoperable Fire Alarm Systems

Dan Horon describes the history of Class N, its requirements, and projections about what’s next for fire alarm and network infrastructure.

Words of Praise


I just finished reading your publication on Class N pathways.

Let me first say how impressed I was with your ability to clearly explain all facets of these new concepts to those of us who have grown complacent with existing fire alarm pathways. You know, the ones that will never change.
Earlier this year I developed a presentation targeted at AHJs which reviews the existing pathways and then shows how the new Class N fits in. In other words, what is similar to what they already know and what is clearly different (i.e. no earth detection). After delivering the material a few times I started to believe I had learned all there was to know. Now that I’ve read your guide, for the second time, I understand the history including the “why” and “how” the new class came to be. I’ll be sure to use this new knowledge to make future presentations more educational. I will be also be adding your guide as a reference for those interested in learning more on Class N pathways.

In closing, I really just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in bringing this technology into fire and communications systems and for creating this publication explaining it all.

Nice job!
Skip Vandeventer
Senior Field Sales Engineer – Pacific

Network Connections: Are Class N Pathways the Fire Alarms of the Future?

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