RescueLogic Fire Solutions

RescueLogic compiles data from all your alarms and devices, and shows them, color-coded by condition, on maps, floor plans, and lists. When devices go into trouble or alarm, customized “Take Action” messages automatically appear on screen.

With RescueLogic, you can:

  • See alarms in real time. RescueLogic automatically shows alarms and devices, color-coded by status, on maps and floor plans of your facility. You can use your existing CAD maps, floor plans, or digital photos as the backdrop for your RescueLogic system.
  • Zoom in and out. You can zoom in and zoom out of maps and floor plans with just a touch, so you can get a closer look at any area that needs attention.
  • Customize your own “Take Action” messages. In any emergency, RescueLogic automatically displays prioritized response suggestions — so responders will always know which steps to take first. Customizing your site’s emergency instructions is as easy as entering text into a word-processing document.
  • Say it in Spanish. RescueLogic also comes with hundreds of “Take Action” suggestions in both English and Spanish. Other languages are no problem, either: With RescueLogic , you can include information in any language — even languages like Russian and Chinese — as long as you have a True Type font that includes the alphabetical characters you need.
  • Standardize and update your facility’s emergency procedures. As you customize your RescueLogic system, you’ll update and standardize your system-wide emergency procedures, too.
  • Meet NFPA code requirements. RescueLogic meets NFPA 72 standards. NFPA code requirements are the basis for most state and local fire safety regulations.

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