RescueLogic makes it easy to monitor building safety and security from a standard personal computer — and it’s been tried, tested, and proven to work by customers just like you, all around the world.

Our company’s founder, Dan Horon, was a fledgling fire protection engineer when he decided to use AutoCAD to show fire alarms on a floor plan. His idea was a stroke of innovation, imagination, and inspiration.

Horon’s invention immediately solved a whole host of problems. Before he introduced his software, it was almost impossible to update and monitor fire-alarm systems as buildings were updated and remodeled. Technicians and building managers were frustrated by alarm systems that combined hardware and devices from multiple manufacturers — most of which didn’t communicate with each other, or work well in combination. And when alarms went off during tests, false alarms, or emergencies, security teams were forced to analyze confusing numeric data, assess events on the fly, and create service records and reports by hand.

Horon started selling the software by word of mouth, to customers who were serious about managing their facilities. He developed a simple plug-and-play import function to get data from alarm systems and ­devices, as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop process for showing them on maps and floor plans. The software even works with building control systems. In fact, it’s an ingenious tool for total facility management alerts.

For years, Horon sold the software as Cadgraphics. The newest version of the software, RescueLogic, integrates fully with the industry’s most popular fire and security alarms, panels, devices, and networks — and it uses standard computers, laptops, printers, and sends alerts to cell phones.

Today, RescueLogic is the only software-based fire alarm receiver tested and recognized by UL. If you have your own 24/7 monitoring station, now you can use your own network.

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