RescueLogic Speaks Your Language

In an emergency, you need to communicate clearly with your safety and security team. If they speak Spanish, your RescueLogic system should, too.

This book can help. It includes hundreds of Spanish words and phrases — so you can add Spanish labels to your RescueLogic maps and floor plans, and Spanish “Take Action” messages to your emergency instructions.

Say It in Spanish lists terms that are commonly used in fire, security, and facility management. They’re categorized by type, and listed in three sections; you’ll probably refer to each section in order.

  1. Floor Plan, Blueprint, and CAD Labels: Consult this section when you’re labeling your maps and floor plans.
  2. Fire and Security Keywords: Try these suggestions when you’re setting up your fire and security systems.
  3. “Take Action” Messages: Use these words and phrases as you compose your emergency “Take Action” instructions.

Each section is arranged alphabetically, with English words and phrases followed by their Spanish translation. Simply locate the words or phrases you need and enter them into your database.

With RescueLogic, safety truly is simplificada.

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About the Author

Dan Horon is the founder and president of Cadgraphics Incorporated, makers of RescueLogic software for fire alarm and security systems. Dan was the chair of the NFPA Task Group on Circuits and Pathways when the chapter was added to NFPA 72. He still serves on the NFPA Protected Premises Technical Committee, as well as the Technical Correlating Committee Task Group on Networks. You can email him at